I was always dreaming about creating something unique which tells the story of Hvar and creates good memories. The dream came true when meeting with a passionate diver who is making silver jewelry from the 7 Seas. Couple of weeks brainstorming followed by drawing and designing the Hvar bracelet. It is made of recycled sea glass from the 7 Seas and silver.
Zsanett Jakab

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Secret Hvar Agency and Viking Dive Center Head Office: 

Trg Sv. Stjepana 4 A, Hvar (small alley in front of Park Coffee of Hotel Park)

Viking Diving Center: 

7 Put Podstina, Hvar (next to Hotel Podstine on the beach)

Transparent Hvar Bracelet

We created our own Hvar product made of recycled sea glass and silver charms.
A unique memory with purpose from Hvar!

Matte Hvar Bracelet

Fancy color if you would like to spice up your look!

Black Hvar Bracelet

Men's edition of Hvar Bracelet but looks awesome on women as well. Try them on in one of our stores!


The Mask of Arsenal

The Theatre of Hvar, located in the Arsenal building, is a monument of the highest category and of the greatest national importance for the Republic of Croatia. The theatre was built in 1612, during the reign of the enterprising prince Pietro Semitecolo, on the first floor of the Arsenal building. The monumental Arsenal building in the very heart of the historical centre of the town of Hvar is one of the most important naval buildings in the Mediterranean.

The fingerprint

Vucetich was born as Ivan Vučetić in Hvar in the Dalmatian region of Croatia then part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1882, he immigrated to Argentina. In 1891 Vucetich began the first filing of fingerprints based on ideas of Francis Galton which he expanded significantly. He became the director of the Center for Dactyloscopy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1892 Vucetich made the first positive identification of a criminal in a case where Francisca Rojas had killed her two children and then cut her throat, trying to put the blame on the outside attacker. A bloody print identified her as the killer.[1]

The Hvar Embroidery

Hvar: agave or aloe lace Hvar lace is unique in that the thread is collected from the aloe leaves of agave plants that grow on the island.[7] The leaves are picked at a certain time of the year and are then specially processed to produce a thin, white thread. The Benedictine nuns in the town of Hvar are the only ones who make the Hvar lace, which is also called "aloe lace".

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